Peer review process

Papers published in the Articles section are evaluated according to double blind peer review system: papers received by the Scientific Committee are anonymously sent to two referees, selected on the basis of their proved competence and experience in the topic area of the submitted paper. To this end, authors are required to specify the main topic their papers deal with.

Referees must choose one of the following recommendations:

  • accept submission;
  • revison required (minor revisions are requested, the revised paper will be accepted without further review by external reviewers);
  • resubmit for review (major revisions are requested, the paper will be subject to further review);
  • resubmit elsewhere (the article is not suitable for publication in this journal);
  • decline submission.

In case of opposing opinions between referees, the final decision will be taken by the Scientific Committee.

All articles published in the other sections are carefully evaluated by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, and by one of the other members of the editorial staff.