The terminological dimension of provenance description in the Multilingual Archival Terminology - ICA

Some translation problems


  • Natàlia Bolfarini Tognoli São Paulo State University–UNESP, Marília, Brazil
  • Augusto Chaves Guimarães São Paulo State University–UNESP, Marília, Brazil
  • Gilberto Gomes Cândido São Paulo State University–UNESP, Marília, Brazil

Parole chiave:

Archival Knowledge Organization, Archival terminology, Provenance


The principle of provenance is occupying a nuclear position in Archival Science during the last two centuries but it assumes different configurations in different geographic areas what brings significant problems to its translation, especially in multilingual instruments. Thus, a problem of terminological nature is revealed, as this principle is suitable to the area in several different ways, evoking different concepts, often unfolding or reconfiguring. Therefore, we analyze the “archival principles” presented in International Council on Archives (ICA) Multilingual Archival Terminology in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, in order to identify their terminological configuration as well as their equivalents. The results show that provenance is a complex principle, which includes other sub-principles (such as respect for the original order), an aspect that varies depending on the cultural environment of each of the languages involved.