E se l’archivio non rispecchia l’istituto?

Pavone e il rispecchiamento: analisi di una bozza preliminare


  • Giorgia Di Marcantonio Università degli Studi di Macerata, Macerata, Italia

Parole chiave:

Claudio Pavone, Inventory, Historical method, Ordering, Archival theory


The paper reports the transcription and analysis of the first version of Claudio Pavone’s article Ma è poi tanto pacifico che l’archivio rispecchi l’istituto?, published in 1970 in the Rassegna degli Archivi di Stato. The draft has recently been discovered during the description and arrangement of the scholar's archive deposited in the Central State Archives. Although the contents of the two versions are not very different, the preparatory study, on which Pavone began working as early as 1968, is full of examples and unpublished considerations that have only partially emerged in the published article. In comparing the two versions, further elements of reflection can be gathered regarding the influence that Pavone's thought has had, and continues to have, on contemporary archival science.