(Social) Media e formazione universitaria


  • Rosario Ponziano Dipartimento di Lingue e Scienze dell’Educazione, Università della Calabria, Rende (CS)

Parole chiave:

Young adults, Higher education, Communication, Social media, Social network sites


The paper refers to a sociological explorative study, which aims to investigate the relationship among digital media, education and communication within university context mediated by ICTs. The study was conducted on a sample of students who took part in educational activities with the help of the platform PerLe of the Department of Languages and Education Sciences. The research was carried out through a  quantitative methodology approach. The data were collected through the administration of a structured questionnaire. Among the key findings of the study aroused interest and appreciation from students towards a teaching flanked by the use of ICT, to be used both as a support for individual study and as a mean of peer collaboration. Confirming the preference by students, on daily basis use, of these technologies, mobile and “network”, which emphasize the connection among people, particular interest is given to the educational potential of social media.