Innovations numériques anthropocentrées pour le web des données et des documents : des perspectives d’émergence pour des communautés à orientation épistémique ?


  • Fabrice Papy Université de Lorraine, France

Parole chiave:

Technocentered Digital Library, Epistemic communities, Linked Open Data, Digital Divide, Collective intelligence


In the current configuration of information systems, citizens of the “Information Society” are led towards the necessity of self-teaching in digital and information culture, in a context of exacerbated autonomous digital mediations (Artificial Intelligence) and information drifts characterized by “fake news”. The need to act, however, remains conditioned by the ability to act, closely dependent on instrumental (digital skills) and informational (literacy) skills. Over the course of interactions and contributions from online communities, new “epistemically oriented communities” have emerged. The emergence of a collective intelligence intended for the co-construction of “Information Commons” looms in the original mergers of these markers of social innovation. They are a kind of collective subterfuge to support citizens who cannot individually implement - despite the quality and interest of their “User eXperience” - the judicious crossing of these technocentered digital libraries.