Il Blog di qualità

Proposta di un nuovo format di pubblicazione nell’editoria scientifica


  • Giovanni Salucci Università degli Studi di Firenze, Firenze, Italia.

Parole chiave:

Quality Blog, Journal, Academic publishing, Scholarly communication, Blog


This paper aims at presenting the Quality Blog as a new inspiring model to reduce the critical issues typical of almost all scientific journals. In continuity with more traditional formats, the Quality Blog aims at visibility and it is characterized by five essential properties: i) a more communicative cut of the contributions, organized in sections/themes and often by invitation; ii) an internal organization consisting of a small group of experts supporting the Director; iii) a substantial focus on editorial and metadata management quality; iv) the lack of a peer-review process in favor of an internal evaluation; v) the coexistence of scientific and informational contributions having a more fluid structure and the presence of multimedia materials. Just like the blog or a scientific journal in Diamond Open Access, the Quality Blog adopts membership, sponsorship, and/or funding as the main economic models; it is free of charge both for authors and readers.