Approche de quelques concepts en information–documentation dans leur relation au “fait numérique”


  • Cécile Gardiès ENFSEA, UMR EFTS, Université de Toulouse, France

Parole chiave:

Digital fact, Information–documentation, Information, Document, Médiation


This article proposes a reflection on an approach of some information–documentation concepts in their relation to the “digital fact”. We distinguish the scientific construction of information, document and mediation concepts and their materiality through the “digital fact”. In other words, we form the hypothesis that the digital fact alone cannot explain or show a reality in motion, but that it is, on the contrary, necessary to resituate it in its relation to the more classical concepts that can enlighten it. We propose a theoretical reflection to map the digital fact in the epistemological environment of the information–documentation in order to try to find ways of its operationality and notably of the teaching with regard to the construction of an information culture.