Pratiques de partage de l’information dans l’environnement numérique

Cas des dirigeants du réseau télécom


  • Dijana Lekic Laboratoire Paragraphe, Université Paris 8, Saint–Denis, France
  • Anna Lezon Riviere Laboratoire Paragraphe, Université Paris 8, Saint-Denis, France

Parole chiave:

Information Sharing Behaviour, Top Managers, Digital Environment, Sense Making, Telecommunication sector


The purpose of this paper is to explore the critical factors which influence the information sharing behaviour of top managers within a French telecommunications company. Using constructivist methodologies (sense–making methodology and grounded theory), we analyse the behaviour of telecom network unit managers in the digital environment. The results show that, in addition to information technologies, the context of sharing situations, time, space, business processes, and regulations and policies all impact sharing behaviour. This work will be extended by further analyses of various information sharing situations and the interdependencies between “online” and “offline” sharing.