Specific Learning Disorders in students

Knowledge Organization and Management of learning through maps


  • Karina Iuvinale Università di Teramo, Teramo, Italia

Parole chiave:

Content Maps, Mind Maps, Knowledge Organization and Management, SLDS, Tools


This paper aims at showing new criteria for the treatment of Specific Learning Disorders (SLDS) at school. SLDS are disabilities that affect reading, listening, writing that SLD-students carry with them their whole lives. In order to facilitate their learning process, teachers and families must adopt specific compensatory tools and dispensation measures which allow students to compensate specific tasks and spare them carrying out specific actions. Above all, this work studies concept maps and mind maps, compensatory tools that help SLD–students learn during lessons at school and do homework. To correctly manage such disorders, the entire environment must recognize and know them, by accompanying SLD–students in their school–life. For these reasons, knowledge organization and management of Specific Learning Disorders is necessary to allow students to live and learn school matters and activities as their friends.